Achieve a unique ambiance in modern entertainment centers and closets to the most traditional kitchen cabinets.

SoftEtchTM Glass

Utilizing the SoftEtchTM process, we obtain a high quality product that is sure to enhance any project you may encounter. Add pattern for even more beauty and depth.

All glass options are 10mm thick.

SoftEtchTM Low iron
SoftEtchTM Bi-Line
SoftEtchTM Bi-Cannes
SoftEtchTM Timber
SoftEtchTM Timber - Double Etch
SoftEtchTM Cross Fuzzy

Technical Options/Info


LED Options

  • Cool White LED (4000k, 2.93 watts per ft.)
  • Warm White LED (3000k, 2.93 watts per ft.)

Custom Sizes Available

  • Minimum Shelf size is 12” wide
  • No minimum orders
  • Requires 8mm deduction from glass width for included shelf supports

Weight Capacity Guidelines

  • Shelf span in mm/inches (end supports only)
  • Weight capacity in pounds per square foot with weight evenly distributed across shelf

White LED (Cool or Warm)

  • Item 531001: Transformer – 60w (Will power up to 6 shelves)

Optional Equipment

  • Item 531007: 12V, extension cable LED to Driver, black, 500mm length
  • Item 531009: 12V, extension cable LED to Driver, black, 2000mm length

Start your project.

What are you waiting for? Let 3form OEM’s Miraggio™ illuminated glass shelves highlight the beauty of your prize possessions.